Rain water on natural hair perfects the hair the more you use it, making your hair soft, and shiny, and defines your curls. Rain water is considered being soft water, which when compared to tap and other chemically infested water, rain is most definitely all natural, not to mention, FREE!

It does not cost you a dime to simply collect rain water on those rainy days. Now, if it rarely rains in your area, this could be challenging. You’ll be happy to see rain whenever it does, though.

There are some recommendations and warnings though you should follow.  Avoid collecting the first showers.  It is best to collect rain water after a few good downpours as the first showers may be more acidic due to the chemicals from smoke, smog and other atmospheric pollutants.  In fact, if you live in areas known for acid rain, you should avoid using rain water all together.  Make sure to retrieve your rain water as soon as the rain stops falling to avoid insects from breading in it.  You should also filter the water through a coffee filter or cheese cloth to remove any debris that may have gotten into it.

Plants aren’t the only thing lovin’ rain water! Think of your scalp as the soil of a plant, and your hair the stems and leaves. Mind-blowing. The next time it rains, if you’re feeling adventurous and spontaneous, take your shampoo and conditioner outside and do your wash with nature.


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