Hair breakage occurs when the shafts of hair breaks, resulting in split ends and shorter hair strands.

Hair breakage can be caused by many things which includes specific hair products, stress, diet, over manipulation of hair and some other factors. It can affect all types of hair from straight to curly but in most cases, it is temporary and people can repair their hair and restore its by using one of our products which is the Afrovirtues Guava hair tonic spray (The antioxidants present in the tonic helps fight free radicals and prevent hair damage)

Guava hair tonic to stop hair breakage
This product works magic in hair repair, stopping breakage, bald patches and hair growth.

The following are tips that can help avoid hair breakage;

  1. Avoid the application of harsh chemicals to the hair and choose a shampoo with a neutral PH that can help improve hair health Example is the Afrovirtues Herbal Shampoo
  2. Instead of rubbing the hair, try wrapping a Microfiber towel because by doing this, less friction and strain is imposed on hairs leadingto less breakage overtime. P.s: available on request click here
  3. It is important that people get balanced diet that contains plenty of Protein, Vitamin D, Iron and Zinc.
  4. Do low manipulation protective styles and leave hair alone except when you want to moisturize.
  5. Learn your hair type and products that work for your hair type.
  6. Always use hair conditioner after shampooing to avoid hair damage because conditioner helps to increase shine and smoothness of hair, making it more manageable.
  7. Always wear a swimming hat to protect the hair from chlorine and other chemicals in pools.
    In summary, reducing and avoiding causes of hair breakage and taking proper steps in caring for the hair properly can help the hair to keep healthy, strong and well moisturised

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