how to keep braids

Braids are a complex hairstyle formed by interlacing three or more strands of hair usually. Nobody sits for hours to make braids with the intention of taking them out after a week or two. As such, ways in which you can keep your braids looking new, fresh, and revamped are needed, yeah? I know!

Here are 5 ways you can slay with that hair until you’re ready to do away with it!

  1. Moisturize your scalp: if there’s anything I love about braids, it’s that it is a good protective style that allows you enough access to your scalp. Take advantage! Keep that scalp moisturized. Use Afrovirtues hair growth oil or dandruff/anti-itch oil for this process. This will help prevent your hair from drying out, itchiness, and eventual breakage. Also, the liquid is the best thing for your hair, so spritz your hair every morning with Afrovirtues guava hair tonic and daily hair moisturizer. Apply Afrovirtues edge repair cream to your edges and use hair growth butter to seal in moisture. You will thank me later.
  2. Keep your braids clean: The build-up of sweat and products used can damage your hair and cause your hair to have a foul odour. We don’t want that right? So it’s important to wash your braids once every two weeks.
  3. Re-do your edges: Rather than re-braid your entire head, just reinstall the braids along your hairline. After you take out the braids along your edges, take extra care to detangle and moisturize before reinstalling your braids again. This will also help revamp your look and keep your braids looking new.
  4. Avoid tight styling: ever heard of traction alopecia? This is where it comes in. I know you would like to style your braids in different ways to change and enhance your look now and then. That’s not a bad idea. But ensure you avoid pulling your hair too tight as this could weaken your hair follicles and lead to eventual loss.
  5. Protect your hair at night: Always wear a satin bonnet to sleep at night. This is important whether you have braids or not. The smooth texture will prevent your braids from frizzing and keep your edges looking fresh. This also protects your roots from drying out when you sleep. Unlike cotton, satin has the ability to retain moisture in your hair which prevents frizz, breakage and eventual hair loss.

Tell me how you maintain your braids in the comments!

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