Kids Sweet Pine Body Butter



AFROVIRTUES KIDS SWEET PINE BODY BUTTER will prevent/eradicate baby irritations and diaper rash. It helps to retain moisture, lubricate and nourish the skin. It absorbs into the skin quickly, and prevents further loss of moisture by creating a barrier that makes it soft, smooth and well hydrated.

This product is carefully manufactured using a combination of kid friendly carrier oils, essential butters&oils.

Also contains Aloe vera and Herbal Infusions.


Recommended to soften skin, reduce inflammation, moisturizes skin, eradicates baby skin irritation and diaper rash if used daily as a diaper cream.

For dry and easily irritated skin.

It treats and prevents kids skin rashes, eczema, and other skin conditions.


Apply a little amount of Sweet Pine Body Butter on palm, rub together and gently apply on skin. 

Clear up diaper rash, apply product generously to the affected area.

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