Big Fro Kit- REGULAR



Afrovirtues Big Fro kit is one of the fastest selling packages as it contains products that are essential for growing lush, full and healthy hair.


It stops excessive hair breakage, restores hair at the hairline and edges. It also accelerates hair growth.


This package is made up of 7 products; Herbal Repair shampoo, Green Tea and Moringa deep conditioner, Guava hair tonic spray, Edge repair cream, Herbal hair growth butter, Herbal Hair growth oil and Leave-in conditioner.




People experiencing thinning hair, stunted hair growth, excessive hair breakage.


For restoring dry, damaged hair that’s difficult to comb or style.


For receding hairline and bald patches.




Apply the products according to the detailed instructions that will be forwarded to you via email.


It’s advisable to follow the wash day routine, once every two weeks.


Massage the Edge repair cream into your edges daily, in a circular motion.


Apply the Guava hair tonic, hair growth oil and hair growth butter daily as instructed, can also be applied on protective styles.


Partition your hair into sections, apply leave in conditioner from root to tip and Detangler and style as desired.

Weight 2.07 kg

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