African Herbal Repair Shampoo – REGULAR



Afrovirtues Herbal Repair Shampoo is full of vitamins and minerals that your hair follicles can use to make thicker and longer hair. The anti oxidants in these products help to combat aging of the hair follicles.

contains essential oils like coconut oil, tea tree oil, castor oil and glycerin, making it the ideal cleanser for keeping your hair and scalp clean, yet mositurized.

repairs hair damage and hair loss

cleans hair and kills bacteria, that causes itchiness

has therapeutic ingredients that enhances relaxation and eases tension

gives you a healthier, clean scalp enhancing hair growth.


For middle aged and people experiencing thinning or slowed hair growth.

For itchy scalp, damaged hair, hair loss and eczema.


Apply Herbal Repair Shampoo and wash hair with focus on the scalp, using the pad of your fingers, rinse hair thoroughly. Repeat process as needed.

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