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Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about DEEP CONDITIONING. Our hair is beautiful and has to stay healthy to grow out well, and be void of breakage, dryness, damage, split ends and so on. In order for our hair to be and stay healthy, there are things we ought to do to keep it that way.

Deep conditioning is basically applying a deep (thicker) conditioner in your hair for an amount of time to treat it and repair damaged hair or to add whatever is lost back in to the hair. It penetrates the hair strands to do this. Deep conditioners need heat in order for them to penetrate into the hair shaft.

There are two types of  conditioners, protein and moisture. You need both for balance.

Protein based deep conditioners are designed to strengthen the hair, improve elasticity, equalise porosity, improve hair appearance and add body. Damaged hair needs regular protein treatments till it’s repaired.

If you have a very light hair, you really do not need to deep condition all the time.
Reason is, deep conditioning makes the hair really soft which could cause more havoc for thin hair.For people with thin hair deep condition once a month.For tough hair, please deep condition after each wash, this would help soften and make your hair manageable. Deep condition twice or thrice a month.

A moisturizing conditioner is supposed to be used right after, your hair will feel hard after a protein treatment because of keratin, so you need a moisturizing  conditioning treatment to even and balance things out. A moisturizing conditioning treatment will add moisture to the hair, keep moisture in the hair and help soften it.


The Frizz Hero Leave In Conditioner  is water based and will serve as a perfect conditioner to soften the hair after deep conditioning.

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