10 Best Hair Care Tips You Probably Haven’t Heard Before.

10 Best Hair Care Tips You Probably Haven’t Heard Before.

In this post i will be sharing with you 10 amazing tips and tricks that may seem small but have huge effects on your hair health and retention. Let’s just jump right into it.

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Eat Healthy

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be healthy hair starts from within. Include healthy fruits and vegetable in your diet and drink lots of water. If you have a difficult time eating vegetables, there are so many exciting smoothie recipes available online. Blending up a fruit and veggie smoothie is an easy and tasty way to get your daily dose. This will give you the nutrients your hair follicles need to help your strands stay healthy.

Cleanse Hair & Scalp Regularly

Have you heard of product build up?  There’s a misconception that packing a lot of products on your hair will help it grow. But that’s the biggest lie, natural hair products have certain ways in which they are meant to be used, if there are too much products in your hair, the pores in your scalp get clogged up  preventing hair growth.

As you might have notices, there are two constant products in every Afrovirtues package which is the Herbal Repair Shampoo and Green Tea and Moringa Deep Conditioner which keeps your hair and scalp clean, gets rid of build-up and doesn’t completely strip your hair of its natural oils. Yes, healthy hair starts from within, but it also needs a clean, healthy environment from which to grow.
How often you wash your hair is totally dependent on your lifestyle (maybe you work out daily), how much product you use, and so on. 

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo & Finger-pads When Cleansing

Shampoos containing sulfates strip the hair of its natural moisture. That’s why it is essential to use an all-natural shampoo like the Herbal Repair Shampoo and the Kids Herbal Shampoo. It leaves your scalp completely clean and provides your hair with essential nutrients.

Also, it might feel good to scratch your hair while washing, but it hurts your scalp and it’s advisable to use the pads of your fingers to gently massage the shampoo into your scalp with a little pressure.

Deep Condition

Hair can be extremely sensitive especially after washing; the process of shampooing usually strips the hair of its natural oils. To restore your hair, you need a really good deep conditioner like the Green Tea and Moringa Deep Conditioner. This strengthens, moisturizes and softens the hair.  

Overnight conditioning may be popular, but we only recommend you steam with the deep conditioner for a few hours. After applying the Deep Conditioner leave it for a few hours under a steaming cap and you will have saved time, energy and resources.

The Kids Deep Conditioner is also available.

Gently Detangle From tip to Root

Natural hair shrinks a lot and easily tangles up, while detangling it is extremely necessary to be gentle and to start from the tips and gently make your way up to the roots. Proper detangling helps to reduce hair breakage. To read more about detangling click here

Moisturize & Seal

Moisturizing isn’t just about pouring water on your hair, you need a good product that is water based like the Daily Hair Moisturizer, it contains Chamomile, aloe Vera, neem and other  important hair growth extracts.

After Moisturizing, it is essential to seal in the moisture with a Herbal Hair Growth Butter that is light, a leave in conditioner and a styler of your choice to keep your hair healthy, soft, and manageable.

Get Regular Trims

A regular visit to the salon can do a lot of good, let them help you trim off the split ends, it can affect the overall growth of your hair.  Check out the next post to know more about Split Ends and how to trim them yourself. Trimming hair gets rid of broken and split ends that could lead to more damage. This will help keep your hair at its healthiest.

Protect Your Hair (Wear Protective Styles)

A lot of things factor in hair loss, apart from keeping it moisturized, endeavor to wrap your hair with a silk or satin scarf or bonnet at night. If you prefer a little freedom while sleeping a satin Pillowcase should be your go to. Keeping your hair in protective styles for a few days or even a few months will help you retain length.

Massage Your Scalp

Massaging the scalp helps stimulate blood flow as well as activate hair follicles to encourage healthy hair growth. You can also use a Scalp Massager; it has a contoured shape that conforms to the palm of your hand. Thick bristles massage the scalp while stimulating hair follicles for healthy hair growth.

Don’t Stress

You have no excuse! No matter what hair issue you have, take a minute to calm down and relax. Don’t stress about the length of your hair, natural hair shrinks, just focus on having healthy beautiful hair, and with time you will achieve your desired length.

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Which tips are you already practicing?

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